SurvOmics: a multi-omics database for cancer survival analysis

In customized analysis, two types of analysis are provided - "Signature Identification" and "Multivariate." First, choose the analysis type, upload a gene list or a gene, and set the analysis condition. Then, after checking all the analysis information, fill in an email address. For around 5-60 minutes, the analysis report will be sent to the provided email address.

This analysis identifies survival-related genes among the user-selected genes using LASSO and random forest methods. If you want to inspect specific candidate gene(s) and construct the signature, the signature identification analysis will suit you.
The received report will include a shrinkage gene list, a gene-based signature, corresponding statistical results, KM plots, ROC plots, and a signature gene heatmap.

Example :

In the multivariate CoxPH analysis, over one hundred clinical factors were provided for selection, and the multivariate CoxPH model will be conducted. If you are interested in comparing specific candidate gene(s) with well-known clinical prognostic biomarker(s), this analysis will analyze and construct the multivariate model with customized clinical factors in the multivariate CoxPH analysis.
The received report will include corresponding statistical results, KM plots, and point-estimated values of all factors in the forest plot.

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Check the analysis condition below; if correct, enter the email address and click "Submit." After submission, the analysis report will be directly sent to the provided email within 5-60 minutes. If the information is incorrect, click the "Reset analysis condition" button to reset your setting.

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